You have all your ducks in a row – you’re ready to launch! R&D, NPD and Food Tech have done a super job and returned a product that is going to fly off the shelves – repeat business is a cinch because the flavour profile is as bombdigity as bombdigity gets.

Now to refine the marcomms side of things and Bob will literally be your Uncle!

Media planning – done, social media strategy, on its way, wholesalers, ready to receive the best product support collateral you have ever done. This is going to be good!

Photoshoot vs stock photo main image

With the paths to market and support collateral strategy in place, now you need the creative to not only set your product apart from the competitors, but to blow them out of the water. This context calls for a photoshoot – no doubt.


  1. You won’t find your photo in your competitors creative – ever.
  2. Your products are used so they can be styled any way you like. Those backgrounds, that lighting, those costumes, demographics and locations are all sorted – synergy with your creative message, sorted.
  3. The photos are yours to use as you please, for as long as you please. (Plug- When you shoot with us, Red Candy can even hand over the copyright to you. That’s a bit extra special, not many folks do that.)
  4. Depending on the complexity, a photoshoot can be pulled together in a week. Test us!
  5. We recommend getting multiple shots at one photoshoot, so cost per image can often be the same if not lower than a good stock image.
  6. Your photography will work “hand-in-glove” style with the campaign you’re building.
  7. That creative concept you, your agency and your team worked so hard on will be directed into the photography.
  8. Simple pack photos can end up being cheaper than photoshopping your new pack artwork onto your old packs for inclusion in that new product brochure. You know what I mean?
  9. It’s hard to get quality images for the more obscure audience like foodservice. So if you want a chef in your image, let’s shoot him! (so to speak).
  10. Capture that emotional nuance that you need for this message!
  11. (Bonus point) Did I mention that you won’t find your photo in your competitors creative? Ever?


  1. You might not have enough time for a photoshoot (although – see dot point four in TEN REASONS YOU WILL WANT A PHOTOSHOOT).
  2. Budget (although – see dot point five in TEN REASONS YOU WILL WANT A PHOTOSHOOT).
  3. Your deadline is tomorrow – nuff said.
  4. Your project just needs a generic illustration – like a sunset, Rhonda.
  5. You need a shot of theEiffel Tower or similar often photographed icon.

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