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The Top 10 Foodservice Trends for 2014

Ah, November how we love thee. It’s time to look forward to foodservice trends for 2014, thanks to US giant Technomic who is a leading foodservice research and consulting firm. There’s always one that causes us to crinkle our noses and think ‘what the…?’ but the rest are more gradual evolutions: What is your favourite …

Three ways to catch a food hipster

The food hipster dollar is mighty lucrative for foodservice! I mean we’re talking about a consumer group that to a considerable degree, socially defines themselves by the types of food and ingredients they eat…and of course, the more public the consumption of these foods (or the prettier they look on instagram), the better!

#Instabasics – making it work for you & your brand part 1

So you’ve fallen into the glorious world of Instagram by accident. Spotted cool filters on a someone else’s happy snap and decided you want to get in on that Toaster-Walden-Earlybird-X-Pro 11 action for yourself. Countless snaps later of your post-gym breakfast, morning tea, swanky lunch, sugar laden afternoon tea and steak on a plate dinner …

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