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In the News

We’re chuffed to say that Food & Drink magazine have published?the?article “Branding Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making”?written by Karyn MacDonald, one of our company directors.

What it’s really like to be a chef…

We came across this post online recently and thought it a nice little reminder of all the traits that make us love our chefs… from their dedication to quality and presentation, creativity, foul mouths, perseverance when injured and most of all, their love of pork (oh and pleasing their customers).

Our Foodie Xmas Gift List

 So there’s 14 days left to Christmas and you haven’t got your favourite foodie a gift yet. Heart palpitations? Breaking into a sweat? Finding it hard to breathe? Classic symptoms of Lackofgiftitis.  It’s going around. But fear not! Help is on hand to offer you relief in the form of my Foodie Gift List. I’ve created …

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