Practically speaking, “pulling” meat, whether it’s pork or beef, is the act of separating a slow-cooked meat from its bone and along its well-cooked grain into  thin strips, resulting in perfectly and naturally juicy, shredded meat. The separation involves  two forks, some patience and a little arm strength (more for endurance than brute strength). So, what made it the most popular thing since sliced bread? Or should I say WITH sliced bread?…

Add A Pinch - Pulled Pork
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It all comes down to flavour. Did you know that the most worked muscles on an animal are the tastiest? On top of that unfortunately, the most worked muscles are also the toughest…unless you know how to cook them.

Think of the classics: Veal shank (Osso Bucco); Lamb shank; Beef Cheek; Pork shoulder etc. All cuts that are classically tasty and if done right, also incredibly tender.

How do these cuts go from tasty but tough to mouthwateringly tender? LOW AND SLOW.

It’s that simple. Cooked at a low heat for a long time, the intramuscular tissues within these tasty, well used, tough muscles get the chance to relax and break down to their full extent, leaving you with a jucy, tender and tasty cuts ready  for “pulling”.

These are traditionally cheaper cuts too, making them an economical choice and genius for the food trucks and hip small venues around town. Low cost ingredients + super high flavour = megatrend.

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