We’ve been talking about grabbing attention through a bit of creative quirkiness in a MLA secondary cuts campaign over here…

Now we’re going to look at the second stage of this campaign, which was the education stage.

Basically we needed to not only catch the attention of these foodservice professionals, but hold their attention long enough to teach them a thing or two about these cuts of meat and hopefully inspire them to order and cook with them.

How to do this?

Inspire the bejesus out of them via:

  1. Super modern graphic design
  2. Drool-worthy food photography
  3. Just enough copy to educate (for the more involved reader)
  4. Aligning of the Masterpieces cuts with recipes from different cuisines such as French, Mexican, Japanese and Vietnamese, making it easier to remember how to use each cut later on.

And here’s the result:

MLA Beef masterpieces inside page_1

MLA Beef masterpieces inside page_4

MLA Beef masterpieces inside page_3

MLA Beef masterpieces inside page_2

MLA Beef masterpieces inside page_5

So to wrap up these two posts, the hot tip is….work out what part of the hierarchy you’re communicating at, know your audience and then blow them away with amazing creative (in the right channel). Easy right?!