Often emotions are overlooked in B2B marketing and communications. There’s no room for emotion in business, is there? All business purchasing decisions are rational and data-driven, right? After all, business owners, chefs, end users and purchasing managers aren’t people, are they? Ohhh… hang on.

It’s a concept that retail marketers are all over. They strive to create new ways to connect, engage and bond with consumers with the purpose of turning them into brand lovers and loyal, devoted purchasers. It’s obvious that emotion has a lot to do with this metamorphosis from consumer to advocate. In fact, without emotion, it just wouldn’t be possible.

And here’s why.

Emotions are not only crucial to our decision-making process, they’re intrinsically linked. We like to think we make rational, logical decisions based on our practical needs first and foremost, but our decisions are determined by a complex mix of instinct and reason with emotions actually running the show. You see, we can’t unlink ourselves from our emotions. They’re tied to our past experiences, values and perceptions about ourselves and the World. Emotional connectivity is an essential part of the buying process as it leads our decisions. Yep, leads.

It’s for this reason that an advertisement or piece of brand collateral will have a far greater impact if it elicits an emotional response, not just presents features and benefits. In addition, the brand’s communicated ‘likeability’ is paramount to influencing brand loyalty.

Positive responses and loyalty are one thing, but what about increasing sales? Well, an emotional response will compel us to do something too. A classic example of this is our fight or flight response to ensure safety. In relation to modern buying behaviour, our insecurity or lack of self-worth may cause us to buy a BMW for positive reinforcement of success.

Herein lies the key to why we buy branded products over cheaper brands that will do exactly the same job.

So why is the building of this emotional connection in the B2B space overlooked when it’s crucial to human purchasing psychology?

One of the main reasons is that it’s complex. We get it! Particularly for food manufacturers. There’s a multi-tiered approach through distribution channels that makes it very difficult to know exactly who your customers are and get up close and personal with them. But there are ways to bridge the gap and create a pull through so your end users not only want, but demand your brand over other products.

Personality, personality, personality.
It’s not just razzle dazzle. Research shows that we perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as we do in people. And of course, we’re attracted to some people more than others, and those attractions are based on emotion. For that reason, creating and building a brand personality is the foundation of your brand. If you have an established brand, but don’t have a formalised brand DNA, don’t panic. It’s possible to create a Brand DNA for either a new or established brand.

Tell Your Story
Your brand story or narrative is another key factor in your brand’s foundation. This story tells your customer who your brand is, why they should care and what it means to them. When brand narratives are done well, they have the power to emotionally differentiate any brand from all of the others in the same category.

Communicate your brand’s personality and story through visual imagery, collateral and packaging design, advertising, social media and copywriting. Every touch point for your brand needs to present and speak with its unique brand voice.

Be Authentic
No doubt you’ve heard this word bandied around, almost too much. But in today’s hyper-connected digital world, your buyers can very quickly source information and know whether what they’re being told is real or not. So, when you’re connecting, do it with honesty.

There’s no denying the powerful influence human emotions have on purchasing decisions. Integrating this understanding into your B2B brand communications can have a massive impact on building devoted purchasers who, once converted, will champion your brand.

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