What does a Red Candy Christmas celebration look like? Full of food naturally, and interesting food at that!

With elasticised pants, floaty fabrics and the mandatory “kitchen shoes” (ie super high wedge heels), we gathered at The Golden Pig cooking school in Newstead, Brisbane to immerse ourselves in all things of Moroccan cuisine. While at times we may have switched into thinking we were in an episode of MasterChef (rushing around and chopping onions with precision and speed no cooking class rookie could ever match), we managed to learn a few new and fun things along the way too:

– The Golden Pig is an amazing venue for a party. Leafy, open, spacious. The hosts are amazing too.

– Karyn is a very tidy  chef…very tidy.

– Cordie can do mis-en-place while supervising all of us and hold a detailed conversation at the same time, skills!

– Renee can knead bread dough for hours on end without raising a sweat

– Don’t mess with Lesli at the stove..she’ll nab you with the tongs

And the most delightful foodie surprise for all of us was  that rosewater and watermelon granita tastes absolutely heavenly with luscious, thick sour cream. Just don’t eat too much pan fried bread with labna and tomato chutney before hand.

Here’s a few pics from our food-filled day out:

The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig   The Golden Pig   The Golden Pig  The Golden Pig

Merry Christmas from the Red Candy team!

May your bellies be full of delicious food and wine and your bodies leaner and fitter than ever before! #webelieveinChristmasmiracles