One of the realities of working in a creative agency is designing your very own Christmas card and narrowing things down to just one lucky design.

Sounds simple, a nice orderly process of elimination, right?


After hours of indecision, we took to our beloved, trustworthy, predictable friend (note the sarcasm here) Facebook, to shed some light on what design should actually be our 2013 Christmas card…

Red Candy Xmas Card

And the crowd didn’t disappoint. Plenty of ‘lurkers’ popped their heads up and gave us their opinion, loud and clear. Kraft..white…kraft…white. The marketeers amongst our fans loved white for being ‘on brand’, whilst the trendsters amongst our fans voted kraft all way.

We haven’t made a decision yet, but the most important thing to note about this exercise was the involvement of our fans in the everyday operating of our business. They learn more about us, we learn more about them, win win. It’s called two-way comms for a reason!

Wanna know how to do it yourself and get the likes, comments and shares buzzing:

  1. Post something authentic: no, not a product shot, a shot of you using your product. Not a line of text about a new flavour, a photo of you in the lab or with customers sampling new flavours. Got it?
  2. Keep the description fun and in real time: approach your facebook posting with a light heart, and in the moment. Think ‘Great afternoon to be creating new sandwich combos….it’s a war of wheats here at HQ today’ not ‘Last week our PD team and Marketing and Procurement teams evaluated the potential new products for…*yawn fest*
  3. Hit them with the question, don’t complicate it: Same again, fun, upbeat and most of all, easy to answer. For example; Which do you prefer for breakfast; sourdough or rye? Yep, it’s that simple. And as your fans grow accustomed to interacting with you, you will be able to ask more complex questions. 

Too easy!

Oh and don’t forget to have a social media strategy in place for those hair-raising odd-ball responses! We all get them, it’s how you manage them and turn them into an opportunity to further engage with your fans that matters J