Not all likes are equal. Believe it.

People are just starting to come around to the idea of quality vs quantity when it comes to Facebook fan likes.

We want to show you a great example of quality, from our client, Rangers Valley.

Their facebook page has 253 fans, that’s it. And they’re quite happy with a modest like growth rate.


RV FB Post Example_resized

Because their engagement with fans is excellent, as illustrated by the post above:

12 Post shares



This incredible picture didn’t need any comments- just a legion of fans sharing the photo with their own friends and family.

This is what social media is all about- connecting with true fans of your brand and harvesting new ones through social connections.

Red Candy has been helping Rangers Valley achieve their social media goals- why don’t we have a chat about yours sometime?

Also, the fabulous cover image for this post is by Aaron Wood, found over at bitrebels. You can buy it as a poster if you like!