If you’ve been reading about Red Candy’s strategy services and our not-so-big agency way of doing things, you’ll be wondering by now how can it help you in your day to day business?

Well friends, we’re so glad you asked.


In a nutshell, a well-researched and articulated brand, communications or digital strategy (brand being the larger, overarching strategy piece of work) will save you in three main ways – money, time, and (surprise, surprise) stress!

Let us explain a little more:

  1. With a brand strategy in place, it’s easier to evaluate opportunities
    Consider your brand strategy a ‘framework’ to run critical decisions against. You’ll know your objectives, competitors and priorities for growing/holding and protecting your brand, so it becomes a LOT easier to say yes to international expansion or identify that you need extra resources to enter the retail market, for example.
  2. You can innovate efficiently
    Brand strategy work is one of the few times you have a chance to really map out your competitors, market conditions and internal limitations (unless you have a big team and business culture of doing this – lucky you). When this magic happens, you’ll gain focus, clarity and generally, new ideas flow quicker, as you’re spending less time evaluating opportunities (see above). The added bonus is you’ll be half way there on the internal sell-in, as everyone has already been on the strategy journey with you.
  3. Your communications & creative will work towards one ultimate, long term goal
    When you know the direction, you craft the content towards that single intent. We could wax lyrical on this one, but we’ll just say that creating your communications, digital & content strategies are SO much easier with a brand strategy is place. They’ll almost write themselves (with some gentle nudging).
  4. Your sales team will thank you
    Have you ever had your sales team confused about how to explain your brand or product? Yup, us too. Your brand strategy won’t let this happen – it will give your sales team a reason to gleefully walk into a room and, deeply understanding your brand, products & strategic direction – educate, influence, negotiate & sell.
  5. Your consumers will understand you/protect you against competitors/build relationship & loyalty
    If you’re not clear on who your brand is, isn’t and where it’s going (and not going), how do you think the poor consumer feels? They sniff confused brands out like a 6th sense, and seek the cheapest, easiest option. There’s nothing sexier than a clear brand, with relevant, creative, punchy communications to build a lil’ consumer love and loyalty.
  6. Briefing is so much easier!
    Okay we gave you a bonus reason. You’ll be putting a version of your brand strategy into every brief you write, informing a million tiny decisions your agency makes before sharing proposals and creative with you. How’s that for a money, time and stress saver!

If you’ve been feeling like you need a bit of a strategy refresh, or looking for a completely new direction for your brand, the Red Candy team would love to help! Jump onto our services page to learn more about our services, or simply get in touch to kick things off.