Gaining someone’s attention is the very first step in the complicated dance known as the hierarchy of effects, which happens to be:







One of our favourite ways to catch someone’s attention (i.e. make them aware of the brand we are designing for) is to go a little bit craaaazy and bring out the quirk factor.

A little while ago we had the chance to go a bit mad dial up the quirk-o-rama scale to white hot for one of our clients, MLA.

The brief:

Position alternative cuts of meat such as brisket, hanger and flat iron as heroes in their own right in the eyes of Australian foodservice professionals, especially chefs.

The objective:

  1. Capture the attention of these creative souls and;
  2. Educate them about how to prepare and cook with these cuts


The result:

Positioning of these cuts as ‘Masterpieces’ and cross referencing to masterpieces in the traditional sense to catch target attention and draw strong message associations. Repetition was critical here as the campaign message was relatively new to the audience (i.e. secondary cuts are awesome and you should use them), so the masterpieces creative expanded to event invitations, newsletters, brochures, recipes books etc..  On the back of this campaign’s success we then went on to develop a concept for the Lamb Masterpieces campaign! Take a look:

 MLA Beef masterpieces front cover

MLA Beef masterpieces invitation copy

MLA Beef masterpieces newsletter

MLA Lamb masterpieces front cover

What do you think? Totally different for a foodservice marketing piece isn’t it! Made you look twice perhaps? To see how we achieved the second part of this campaign, ie the knowledge/education part, jump over here.…it involves some delicious food photography of course!