You may have seen our ‘behind-the-scenes’ post featuring a sneak peak of what went on behind the camera at our shoot for Fonterra Foodservices.

Well, we promised you the finished pics, and here they are!

Fonterra Foodservices already had a host of existing dish images, but they wanted some fresh inspiration for their foodservice customers, particularly the pub and club market. They also wanted to take their styling to the next level to make it more relevant to their market.

Enter the Red Candy team.

Our first step was to look at the brand story to ensure we created images that were not only on-trend, but relevant and brand appropriate. We decided on a food style that complemented their existing images, could fit well with their current brand look and feel, but also pushed the envelope just a little for a contemporary approach and maximum appetite appeal.

We chose a light style with soft textured whites, greys and neutrals. Using old wooden pieces, linen and torn paper as props, we kept the styling minimal but relaxed, achievable and aspirational. This soft colour palette also ensured the food was hero and popped off the page.

Just quietly, we’re a little thrilled with the results. We think they’re unique images that have maximum ‘yum’ factor that will work perfectly for the foodservice market… what do you think?










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