The visual currency of the world today, combined with the super tight budgets of foodservice marketing means one thing:

Your photography needs to work hard for your marketing plan.

How hard? Well let us show you by example with one of our clients, DON Smallgoods.

DON Smallgoods came to Red Candy a while ago in need of an overhaul of their photography. “We need it to be modern and inspiring” they said.
“What products, what channels, what meal occasions and what platform” we said.

And so together we planned a 3 day photoshoot to deliver them a catalogue of images that showcased many of their products. Some were quick, easy to assemble dishes and others were gourmet, chef-inspired recipe images. We mixed the shots across meal occasion too meaning they could draw on a bacon image for breakfast, lunch and dinner as needed.

Here’s a snippet of the result:


Baked Ham with Chipotle Orange Glaze LR

Chorizo & White Bean Ragu LR  Hot Salami Caprese LR

Kabana Patter with Artichokes, Feta-Stuffed Olives and Jarlsberg LR  Virginian Ham, Cheese and Sundried Tomato Toastie LR

Because we had strategically planned these images, DON were then able to use them for advertorial, a product guide, advertisements, trade presenters and even the DON website and facebook page. In effect, these images have given them about 18-24 months worth of collateral, all of which is completely consistent.

And that consistency is aids memory of brand messaging. Combined with beautiful, meaningful images, DON is well on the path to capturing customer liking and hopefully preference when the time comes to make that all-important purchase decision!

Bacon F4T

1140DK F4T Presenter Ham

1095DK Don KRC Trade presenter - Chorizo_FINAL_OTL

Is your photography working hard for your brand? Is it a useful tool in your marketing plan? If not, give us a call on (07) 3111 0950 and let’s get it into action!