…still more #instabasics. Here’s part 3. Check out parts 1 and 2 here.

Be more than a product or service.

Instagram is a great way to communicate your brand values and personality, not just your latest product or ad campaign. Posting photos connected to a range of topics will allow you to connect with your consumers on another level, making you more likable, more human and all going to plan, followed en masse. Let’s look at some examples:

Lorna Jane- health, fitness, cooking, motivational quotes

Lorna Jane motivational sayingLorna Jane personality

Red Bull
We all know they love their extreme spots, but their instagram account goes one further and develops themes around the experience of ‘living’ by sharing some impressive, inspiring images:

Red Bull personality 1Red Bull personality 2Red Bull personality 3Red Bull personality 4

Now, before we wrap up. A word of warning before you go filter crazy….
Do your due diligence before posting. You wouldn’t want a situation like Kit Kat and Pedopear now, would you?

Kit kat and pedobear comparison

As reported here by petapixel.com

Happy snapping!