So you’ve fallen into the glorious world of Instagram by accident.

Spotted cool filters on a someone else’s happy snap and decided you want to get in on that Toaster-Walden-Earlybird-X-Pro 11 action for yourself.

Countless snaps later of your post-gym breakfast, morning tea, swanky lunch, sugar laden afternoon tea and steak on a plate dinner and you’re starting to notice this Instagram thang is on the uptake by major brands in an authentic, hipsterlicious way.

Let’s look at how the best do it and hopefully, give you ideas for your own brand Instagram account:

Let your pictures tell the story:
Australian wine brand Henschke does an exceptional job of this. Their annual vintage is a morning, noon and night operation and they manage to share pictures of the many tasks involved daily, often hourly.

Henschke Emu fencingHenschke fermentingHenschke guard dogHenschke tastingHenschke tasting twoHenschke vineyards

We see snaps of vines, grapes tumbling into press, juices fermenting and bubbling away, samples being critiqued in the lab and a hefty dose of glorious vineyard scenery. Makes you feel like you’re there, right?

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