We have a new website!

Version two of redcandy.com.au is live. Have you checked us out yet?

Reflecting our brand personality, our new look & feel is fun, diverse, unexpected and contemporary. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will notice our departure from red in the Red Candy colours.

Why did we change our colours? Quite simply, it was time. Stylistically speaking, the trend to match a word with its colour no longer exists and in moving away from this, we were able to create an additional layer of brand complexity and prompt the question: “what is red about red candy?”

We’re so glad you asked! Clearly if you’ve taken a glimpse at our portfolio, you might be thinking that it’s red meat – and you might be right to some extent, but red is also a colour that represents energy, passion and is the ultimate colour to stimulate hunger and appetite appeal in food photography, how about that!  😉

Without further ado, please jump over and visit our shiny new website. May we direct you to the following pages to get started:

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What do we do? See our Services

What have we done lately? See our Portfolio

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