Over the years Red Candy has been lucky enough to be a part of the content marketing explosion, from producing tutorials, photography, videos and blogs, through to designing websites and social media management. For every brief, every piece of content, we always ask our clients the same questions- what is your brand strategy, and what are the objectives that your website, channels and content will serve your brand?

We’ve asked this question so many times, that we realised marketing strategy services were the missing piece of Red Candy’s service.

This year, we’re delighted to offer our clients a range of strategy services, from full brand planning and identity development, through to competitor analysis, trend mapping, messaging & content strategy. We can even help you with focus groups for product, brand or communications testing!

Below is a brief overview of what each of our new strategy services entail, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also download our strategy services guide here.

A word on our approach to strategy
Just like our creative services, strategy at Red Candy is nimble and about your needs. We can work with you on a project basis, or we’re even happy to offer some of our services as hourly packages – it’s just like having a brand manager in your back pocket!



The best laid plans are built from great insights. If yours are a little lacking or feeling a bit tired, we can help you uncover some gems.

Market Review

Are you looking to enter a new category or market? Using resources including data & reports from your business, desk research, store visits and industry/category reports, we review the performance and opportunities within your current or desired market.

Competitor Analysis

Competitors take on many forms – sometimes it’s a direct product competitor, sometimes it’s share of stomach (or wallet). Let us take a fresh look at your competitive set to provide an update on activity, trends, product and positioning opportunities.

Trend Forecast & Analysis

We’ll navigate fads, trends and market shifts to help you plan your brand, product and comms strategy. In addition to providing a top line macro trend overview, we’ll analyse a mix of reports, conduct store visits and in-depth consumer mining, to shed light on the trends influencing your consumers in your category.

Guided Internal Workshops

We’ll facilitate internal workshops to align your team on brand objectives. We can supply homework and pre-reading, workshop materials, on-site facilitation and information collation once the workshop is over.

Strategy Services

We’ll transform your insights and business objectives into a richly layered brand proposition.


Do your consumers understand what makes your brand or products unique? Have competitors entered and occupied your competitive space, or have your consumers changed, matured or left the category all together? Positioning is key to product planning and lifecycle management. We’ll help you uncover a sustainable positioning strategy for the future. A clear positioning strategy is essential for brand architecture, product planning, communications and content.

Brand Architecture

If you’re grappling with multiple brands, sub brands or competing ranges, let us help you develop a clear brand architecture that is easy to communicate to all stakeholders.

Product launch strategy

You’ve developed the product; you’ve got ranging, but now what? Together we’ll develop a plan for launching your new product across traditional and modern channels. This partners well with our messaging, digital and content strategy services.

Comms/Messaging Strategy + Audit

If your copy is feeling flat, you have a long list of product attributes but still a confused sales team, or you get ‘stuck’ every time you have to write a brochure, let us help. A great messaging strategy will help you communicate your brand values, product benefits and brand personality – all essential ingredients for digital strategy and content planning. By the end you’ll have clear messaging strategy by channel, as well as some snappy words to put to use!

Audit services are also available – If you’d like fresh eyes on your current communications, and some direction for improvement, we’d be happy to help.

Digital Strategy + Audit

Let us help you define a clear strategy for winning at digital. Based on your business and brand objectives, we’ll work together to uncover how you can better meet your consumers online. Whether you need to educate, inspire, drive awareness or convert, we’ll recommend a digital channel strategy that makes planning messaging, content and allocating media budget a breeze.

Audit services are also available.

Content Strategy + Audit

Whether you have a little or a lot of content, being clear on what purpose your content serves your brand is key to success. Together we’ll make a content strategy that sees you spending smart and your consumers engaging more.

Audit services are also available.

And finally…

All of this info is available in our Red Candy services guide, which is a handy little document you can share with your team or keep for future reference. Click here to download it!