While it looks like a heap of foodie fun a lot of research, prep and agonising goes into producing the beautiful food photography you see from Red Candy.

On Shoot in situ prosciutto

Not long ago we did a three day shoot for Don KRC Foodservice to deliver some stylish, contemporary in-situ shots of their products. Fun right? Yes…but also like preparing for a baby. Here’s some of the discussions we had prior to and whilst bringing these images to life:

RESEARCHING: “If I see one more sandwich wrapped in paper with twine…”

On shoot sandwich in twineImage:Pinterest

RECIPE RESEARCH: “Do you think we can throw some bacon in that Reuben? And can we go for lunch yet?”

On shoot Bacon Reuben

COLOUR PALETTE: “Charcoal, slate, grey….no what about dove grey with a bluish green tinge? Hell, let’s buy linen and paper in every colour and see what happens on the day.”

PROPS: “Hey Mr Hardware Store Man…how much do ten of your fence pails cost… and where is your timber stain section?”

On shoot Bacon ReubenOn shoot Bacon Reuben

EVEN MORE PROPS: “Renee, give me a list of every Vinnies in town. We’re going cutlery shopping.”

On shoot cutlery_resized

SET UP: “Lets call that paper bag over here the ham and this piece of linen the tart, and that bowl the salad, and that board the croissant…oh wait, what are they again? Somebody get us post-it notes!”

On shoot layout

SET UP:  “The height of food styling is mastering the art of the natural paper tear. Now watch…”

On shoot ham on paper

MID SHOT: “Something’s missing…hmmm…lets add herbs. No wait, they look too contrived like that…just throw them up in the air and see where they land.” The result:

On shoot pizza herbs

MID SHOT: Cordie: “The sauce is too gloopy….can someone pass me cotton tips…now a foam wedge…now the dropper…nope, more cotton tips.” (We’re packing bum bags for our next shoot)

On shoot hotdog sauce

MID SHOT: “I need to be directly over the shot…can you hold my legs really tight while I take the shot”. Lucky our photographer does Pilates and has impressive core strength.

On shoot photographer

MID SHOT: “The end of that hot dog is very er…distracting.” Followed by fits of laughter and complete loss of concentration.

On shoot hotdog

MID SHOT: “On screen, that orange slice looks weird. Can you nudge it left by a millimeter? Oh yes, that’s much better now.”

On shoot ham set up

MID SHOT: “QUIIICK the cheese is going cold!” Followed by movement by all at a rate of knots for that perfect toastie shot.

On Shoot Toastie

POST SHOT: “Nobody eat that bacon…it’s covered in glycerine. Did you hear me people? Eat it and prepare to pay for it!”

On shoot bacon

POST SHOT: Nom nom nom nom. Mmmm cold bacon.

So there you have it. A day in the life of a Red Candy Photoshoot. Need some pics yourself? Give us a call…we’d love to bring your brand to life and go through this fun all over again!