Welcome to the first installment of our monthly blog roundup!

After all, what could be easier than keeping inspired and up to date on food and design trends than allowing us to do the work for you?

Lets kick this thing off with our go-to sites for design inspiration:

1. Designspiration

Like Pinterest, minus the crap. Nuff said!

2. Visuelle

Again, a digital distillation of great design, curated by one man with excellent taste, David Bennet. It’s a feed, so this really works for those of you who like to focus on one thing at a time as opposed to the kaleidoscope-of-images thing found everywhere at the moment.

3.Design Milk

Architecure, art, home and interior – there’s enough cross categories here to see you through the darkest of creative voids.

4. Lovely package

The name says it all- when our minds are on packaging, this site is our speed dial position #1. The bonus is the site has packaging across all categories and it’s interesting to see elements that have traditionally been used for one category (for example cosmetics or jewellery) move into radically different spaces (such as pet food or pasta packaging)

5. The dieline

The holy grail of creativity and a source of much conversation in the office. This is the most visited packaging design website in the world for a reason! Set aside a good two hours and you’ll have a packaging wish list long enough to span a career.

Now go forth and indulge that creative soul!