This is a great one for the beginning of the week!

Red Candy Quote_Picasso

And on the topic, here are a few tips on finding inspiration when you’re not really feeling it:

– Be comfortable with an average first draft. Leave it, reflect on it, keep working at it…it will be all the better for the time you don’t work on it.

Sort out that playlist. When we’re copywriting here at RCHQ, it’s classical all the way. And when we’re designing, our radio is a mix of pop for big picture projects and more soothing tunes for finer detailed work.

– Look to other industries for inspiration and ideas. For us working in food, we might look to fashion, music or architecture for ideas.

– Sleep on ideas, especially when you’re super excited about them. You may have had too much coffee at the time and overreacting. Let them subconsciously develop in your mind before acting on them.

– Change your scenery…whether it is the websites you habitually read or the location of your desk. Actively seek to mix things up and see what it does to your headspace.

And if all else fails…

  1. Clean, organise, throw out…and;
  2. Have a big ol’ Pinterest session-it might plant a seed for future ideas!