In the News

We’re chuffed to say that Food & Drink magazine have published?the?article “Branding Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making”?written by Karyn MacDonald, one of our company directors.

Red Candy Show & Tell – An Illustrated Recipe Book

One of the unique services we offer at Red Candy is hand-drawn illustration. Sketches and watercolor illustrations have a way of adding beauty and detail that a stock image can only aspire to. Recently a client asked us to create a recipe book that would break the mold of their traditional executions and give their …

Our Puppy Porridge for MeadowLea Spreads

We’ve been pouring heart and energy into this project for the past few months and thought you would like the opportunity to see the process. MeadowLea Spreads have used this work to help launch their new products into supermarkets across Australia. Let’s start with the final images – they’ll set the scene for you…

Gathering data to measure your ROI

Creating visually interesting creative pieces is easy if you’re working with the right team, but do you measure if your collateral is working to achieve your business goals? Here are some ideas to measure audience response to your creative activities. Don’t forget that the key to successful data gathering is interpreting the data, so take …

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