Moving with the times- our website redesign!

We have a new website! Version two of is live. Have you checked us out yet? Reflecting our brand personality, our new look & feel is fun, diverse, unexpected and contemporary. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will notice our departure from red in the Red Candy …

What it’s really like to be a chef…

We came across this post online recently and thought it a nice little reminder of all the traits that make us love our chefs… from their dedication to quality and presentation, creativity, foul mouths, perseverance when injured and most of all, their love of pork (oh and pleasing their customers).

Social Media: Who is the new Instagram?

Snapchat, that’s who. Casting aside it’s potential for all-round seediness with the 10-seconds-and-it’s-gone picture sharing function, Snapchat’s immediacy (pictures & videos ‘expire’ within a set time frame once viewed) means it is set to be the social media darling of 2014.

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