Identity crisis – a word on branding

RULES, GUIDELINES AND ALL THAT JAZZ.If you are one of those people who keeps to guidelines and sticks to rules, then read on. Anyone who has berated you for this in the past can feel a little sheepish right now, because when it comes to your brand identity, you’ve got the right idea. Ever wondered …

#Instabasics – making it work for you & your brand part 1

So you’ve fallen into the glorious world of Instagram by accident. Spotted cool filters on a someone else’s happy snap and decided you want to get in on that Toaster-Walden-Earlybird-X-Pro 11 action for yourself. Countless snaps later of your post-gym breakfast, morning tea, swanky lunch, sugar laden afternoon tea and steak on a plate dinner …

CMYK what?

CMYK vs Pantone, Process vs Spot… what are they and which is best? It’s pretty common here at RCHQ to be talking about whether we should print in CMYK or Pantone. Lost already? Let us explain the difference:

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