One of the unique services we offer at Red Candy is hand-drawn illustration.

Sketches and watercolor illustrations have a way of adding beauty and detail that a stock image can only aspire to.

Recently a client asked us to create a recipe book that would break the mold of their traditional executions and give their sales team something truly unique walk in the door with this Christmas.

Where did we land? Watercolour illustrations of each recipe! To the absolute delight of our client.

Have you ever wondered what the process of creating custom illustration is like? Let us show you, from start to finish:

ONE: Once we knew the recipes, our team researched composition and watercolour illustration styles, creating mood boards and sketches. Here we are putting some final touches on sketches we used to brief our artist:

From concept to creation_Sketch copy

TWO: Our artist worked with sketches and reference images to create first drafts of the recipe itself. Once approved by the client, the next stage thing to do was add more colour, context and design the recipe book.

From concept to creation _concept

THREE: Recipe book designed and at print means time to run a close eye over the print proofs – to make sure the illustrations are looking as beautiful as possible!

From concept to creation_Print Proof2 copy

From concept to creation_Print Proof3 copy

From concept to creation_Print Proof copy

FOUR: The hard copy – that satisfying final moment where hours of sketching and researching turn into a beautifully inspiring recipe book!


From concept to creation_Final3 copy

From concept to creation_Final2 copy

From concept to creation_Final copy

Feel like there’s some paint missing in your life? Give us a buzz on (07) 2122 0950 and let’s chat about how custom illustrations can be integrated into your creative executions.