Yes mother: 

Mother can

Mother ad

Very feminine, right? Very likely to appeal to an image savvy 20 something professional female…right

Okay so maybe not. Mother is very clearly targeted at men, and blokey, straight shooting types at that.

So how did such a masculine brand that is sold in a humungo 500ml can come to the attention of a petite young woman?

Mother certainly didn’t change their message. They didn’t make any girly ads or sponsor any female-dominated events one would need an energy hit for.

They simply changed their packaging size.

Tired of Red Bull and V, Renee spotted the smaller mother can and gave it a go. Simple as that. It’s been a secret love affair ever since.

How about you? Got a cash cow on the decline? Got something more than one market would appreciate?

Sometimes it’s not only advertising that attracts new sales and new segment growth, sometimes a product format rethink will help you along the way.