Not long ago, the good people at Heinz Out Of Home approached us to create a promotional sampler piece for their new-look single serve sauce sachets. We said sure thing!

Creating a sampling pack is a great way to encourage customers to brand swap. It’s also a great resource for either in-house or distributor sales teams. A sampler pack provides a tangible sales tool and a reason to revisit end-users and knock on those commercial kitchen doors again.

We were told it must:

  1. Be iconically Heinz
  2. Be recognisable as a Heinz sauce promotion
  3. Communicate the new look packaging
  4. Promote the nine variants in the range
  5. Have a strong call to action
  6. Be super quick & easy to assemble for sales teams on the road
  7. Hold 27 single serve sauce sachets
  8. Be very cost effective

The result: A ‘super sized’ sauce pouch that’s iconically Heinz and instantly recognisable as a Heinz sauce promotion, supplied flat packed to sales teams with pre-applied double sided tape allowing each pouch to be filled on the run and effortlessly sealed with a peel and a press. The marketing team are over the moon with the results, and the sales team are thrilled to have a such functional and professional sales support piece, and the Red Candy team… well, we just get a little buzz out of hitting the brief.