Snapchat, that’s who.

Casting aside it’s potential for all-round seediness with the 10-seconds-and-it’s-gone picture sharing function, Snapchat’s immediacy (pictures & videos ‘expire’ within a set time frame once viewed) means it is set to be the social media darling of 2014.

Instagram might weave the behind the scenes story of your brand but Snapchat is your ‘hey over here, look at this pure unadulterated fun we’re having….RIGHT NOW’ kinda medium

*Side note – If you’re not sure what Snapchat is all about do one of two things:
a)    Download the app onto your phone and have a play
b)   Watch the video here:


In the meantime, let’s look at a couple of great ways to use Snapchat in foodservice and take advantage of it’s direct, in your face style

1. Start rewarding your most digital-savvy consumers:


Get them to send you a picture of them enjoying your product, returning their snap with a special offer or discount. One frozen yoghurt chain in America took this concept one step further and restricted the coupon to a 10 second timeframe, meaning the cashier had 10 seconds to scan for the discount. Now that’s a rapid-fire call to action!

We think this could work really well in a fast-casual restaurant too, with fans sending snaps of their favourite meal to the venue and in return receiving a code for meal add-ons or discounts.

 2. Create deep engagement with an offbeat, rich media account:


We love what Doritos UK did for Halloween– they created a specific Doritos UK Snapchat account and for one day in real time, had the Mariachi Doritos band dress up in Halloween, singing songs and reading ghost stories. When a fan sent them a Snapchat, they would respond with an image of short video, to each individual fan. To win prizes, fans were asked to capture screenshots of the response and share it with friends.

Fun, intimate and immediate…what could be better for engagement! We think this concept would work really well in coffee shops and juice bars too, where customers have a chance to get to know staff and brand owners, not just socially but in person too.

So we’ve looked at how, but before we finish up, lets think about why Snapchat should be in your social media toolkit by answering this one simple question….

Do you see Facebook as a sustainable social media platform to reach all sections of your target market, no matter their social ‘mood’?

Nah, we didn’t think so either!

P.S- did we mention you can draw  & type over your images on Snapchat? Here’s a great one:

Snapchat 1