Ever wondered what the process is for creating a logo? Well, first you start with a tea towel…wait…what?

Okay, so not all brands start this way, but getting creative with a piece of cloth, a blade of grass, a stain glass window, or even a kettle bell (did someone say bootcamp?) can be the place that inspiration strikes its sometimes illusive little self.

So as a design team, we take it where and when we can.

Here’s a visual diary of how the new Artisan bread Fraternite logo by Weston Milling developed:

The idea – pitch a flag, it could look like this tea towel shape. 
The first round – what about just a hit of a flag in the middle? What about this elipse shape?
The second round – a bold flag like this? But a photograph won’t work, we’ll draw it.
The finale – Tada! A perfectly drawn flag, looking grand and true to the original idea. Let’s keep the elipse and run with these fonts and devices. Deal.

Fraternite tea towelFraternite logo round 1Fraternite logo round 2Fraternite brand final

 Et Voila! The finished logo surrounded by brand supporting design elements and photography styling on this recipe card. Fancy, right?

Faternite logo on recipe cards