Prime Cut Meats is one of the largest gourmet wholesale butchers in Australia. Their customer focussed approach sees them sourcing and delivering the best brands and cuts to not only quality restaurants, but the public as well.

They came to Red Candy with the need for an entirely new look and feel to match their premium products and service. We started with a logo refresh and then created a new visual and written communication identity that was uber contemporary balanced with equal parts sophistication and edginess.

Butchers are gaining momentum and fast hitting rock star status in the food world. We knew we needed to capitalise on this phenomenon, while still ensuring the communications were grounded and humble with a connection to the provenance of the products, hence the inclusion of timber and natural elements.

For the shoot location, we sourced an old butcher shop that’s now used as an art school studio. Prime Cut Meats are 4th generation butchers, so our aim with the shoot was to capture maximum creative texture while communicating knowledge, experience and respect for product. The inclusion of butchers in the shots helped us achieve this.

What did we do?
Styling, photography, website design and development, social media management.

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