We get it, brand strategy is a big ambiguous term that immediately conjures visions of p.a.i.n. And indeed, sometimes with bigger agencies, it can be a pain – and a slow, costly one at that!

Here at Red Candy, we’ve simplified the all-important process of brand strategy and made it accessible for all our food clients, big and small. If you haven’t already, have a read about our new strategy services here. Now, let’s continue on to discover the Red Candy strategy process and then five ways your brand strategy will save you.

 Our Strategy Process

  1. Let’s meet Lots of coffee, cake and big ideas! We meet with you and your key stakeholders to discuss your business objectives, plans, competitors, limitations, hearts desires and market insights.
  2. We put our heads downArmed with all of the preliminary information from our discovery session and available market data, we put our heads down and immerse ourselves in your world. Through this process of understanding your products, business, brand(s), competitors and category in as much detail as you do, we then work to consolidate this information into a draft strategy, which outlines your brand objectives (related to your business objectives), target market, brand values, brand positioning, brand proposition and more. Depending on the project, we might even start to draft your communications and channel strategies too. This process is quite collaborative, so expect a few interim calls or emails to gauge your preference for a direction before we finalise the plan.
  3. We share the strategy plan with you and your teamThis is usually where we see the ‘ah-ha’ moments, and calm expressions on your faces! The peace of mind and clarity a thorough brand strategy provides is immeasurable. We’ll walk you through the rationale and data behind each recommendation, debate each aspect a little more, and then finally, hand the final document back to you, to share with the team. It is this strategy that will help you develop yourproduct plans, innovation pipeline, launches, communications, content, sponsorship and more!

So, what to do with this new strategy? Continue on to our next instalment here, to understand how to use your brand strategy, and five ways it will save you money, time and energy!

Or, if you’d like to get started, just drop us a line here.