The evolution of the display ad finds us at a time in history where almost anything goes and humour takes centre stage. Sure, being integral to your brand voice is paramount, but a campaign ad looking to uncover the golden chalice of cut-through can afford a bit of wriggle-room and ask the audience to, at the very least, smile…

Don KRC Foodservice Print Ad

Photography and display ad above by team Red Candy.

Some hints to getting the grin:

Be unexpected
Use contemporary language in an otherwise conservative context.
Pick a relatable and cross cultural human trait and call it out as humorous (hunger works for us!)
Add a moustache!

Don’t be afraid to toy with this idea, even if you’ve identified your brand voice as traditional, serious, authoritative or pragmatic. Bank ads have done a cracker of a job showing us just how well this can be done. Remember ANZ’s “Barbara Lives in Bank World” ads? Hilarious. One take-away from this example is that brand ANZ stays in-tact – sturdy, reliable, relatable, it’s the context of the other bank that we’re all left laughing at. Clever. Check it out and be inspired.