Words and pictures are great devices to grab attention, and the artful use of typography can be the nexus of both.

We spend a fair bit of our time writing headline copy for adverts, brochures, articles and so on. But it’s not until we get this copy into the graphic designers’ hands that the full impact is felt.

Here’s an example…

“From Under the Apron” is a high impact blog title, but this impact is improved out of sight once we use some fun and trend driven font styling (typography). It becomes a picture of sorts, an artful expression of an idea.

From Under the Apron

However, if you read a letter from your local council in this font styling, you’d probably wonder what they’re putting in your water!

I guess this simply shows that typography is contextual. What looks amazing on one execution will not suit another.

RULES – Are there any hard and fast rules? Not really. In fact with the changing face of trends in graphic design, it’s impossible to create a rules list other than this – balance.


  1. Who’s the author?
  2. Who’s the audience?
  3. Is trend relevant and/or appropriate?
  4. Does the typography reflect the brand personality?
  5. Will the body type overpower the heading styling?
  6. Does the font detract from or improve the message?

And lastly – have fun! Take it to the edge, then bring it back if you need. At least everything’s digital, could you imagine a life before? This video gives a bit of insight…

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