When our client says, “We want maximum pick-up appeal”, we say, “Don’t we all?”

But seriously, how do you create a promotional piece that flies off the shelf by itself? One that makes your target engage, reach out, pick it up, flick through it and then decide they still want to take it with them? Well, that’s where we come in.

Create a stand-alone inspirational promotional piece that showcases the Tip Top Foodservice products for launch at The Lunch Show tradeshow.

Step 1 – What’s it to be?
To generate the attention required, we knew it had to be visually appealing, image driven and above all, useful. Adding all of that into the equation, along with the need to feature a range of fresh and frozen bakery products, we just knew it had to be a cookbook. Everyone loves a cookbook, right?

Step 2 – Content is king
Donning kitchen caps and aprons we created, tested, tasted and developed recipes with the target in mind. What does that mean? It means always being mindful of ingredient choice, recipe appropriateness and functionality, making them aspirational, but achievable and above all creating deliciousness.

Step 3 – Snappy styling
After the construction of 4 mood boards, research and round the table discussions, we landed on contemporary but classic styling with soft charcoal and the addition of warm, textured wood with minimal props. The consensus? This styling would make the food to ‘pop’! Then we got snapping with our team – photographer, chef and stylists.

Red Candy Serious Food Styling DiscussionsRed Candy Styling the SandwichRed Candy Getting the drizzle rightRed Candy Food PhotographyRed Candy Recipe DevelopmentRed Candy Food Styling 

Step 4 – Design & deliver
Armed with recipes, copy and images we set our designers to work to pull it all together and create a stunning cookbook with maximum pick-up appeal.

So how did it go? They officially ‘sold’ out at the show. Job done!

Tip Top Order Up Cookbook