Oh my it’s time again for #recipetoriches. I’m starting to regret the commitment to blog about these show winners, only because the amount of sugar I am consuming is increasing week by week! Oh well, for the love of the game, let’s begin!

Chocorn pieces

I am going to say it out loud. These little morsels were delicious. They were a bit expensive at $7.99, but that’s not my domain to discuss really, so moving on, let’s look at the basics:

The launch:
Garth’s idea of launching the product at the movies was super! These chocolate covered bits of caramel-coated heaven just scream movie indulgence. The show was edited to make us believe that it was less than successful (at least at first). My sneaking suspicion is this was more about creating drama than documenting reality. And burlesque-esque cigarette-girls as the distribution device – love it! You could say the cigarette-girl image  got a make-over at the same time the pop-corn reinvented itself. Nice.

In our tasting room (the coffee shop across the road) there wasn’t one person who liked this logo. I didn’t hate it, but I was out-voted. We think they’ve tried to make you want to be at the movies. Is that what it does for you? The font is vaguely familiar, like that of a show from the forties – the colour treatment just makes it a little ho-hum. And the name itself is okay, but what happened to our winner, Garth Midgley’s positioning statement of “it’s popcorn, reinvented”? I think this hybrid really needs a bit of an explanation. If you hadn’t seen the show, you really wouldn’t know what the product was by either the name, or the packaging. Which leads me to…

Chocorn outer

I shopped for this with my almost 19 year old daughter (I love how at 18, she’s nearly 19 and at 45, I’m just plain old 45) and she hadn’t seen the show. When I picked up the pack, given the food shot on the front, she thought the product was ice-cream. We weren’t in the freezer section, so that should have been a clue, but hey, she’s pretty, alright?

…and she did have a point. Take a close look, the product images look delicious, but if you don’t know what they are, you won’t know what they are.

Guys, (turns to speak directly to the design team responsible) the gold cursive font is difficult to read and there’s just way too much content to have to read in that font at the front of a pack like this. Consumers are used to short, sharp important messages being clear to see and simple to read. In fact if it can be illustrated instead of written, even better! But  hey team design at #recipetoriches you know that, you’re the professionals, so that’s why I am left feeling a little hurt and confused.

Chocorn Inner

Now…onto the internal packaging. Team design, what are you doing to me?

Why do these packs look like wholesale PCU’s? For a high priced, indulgent product, these little silver bags almost make me want to stop right here! I know this is an experiment, but did someone forget to get the design file to the printers on time?

Enough said?

Blogger, Morsels made some pretty relevant (and amusing) comments about this product, check it out here.

Although as mentioned at the top, I did think it was a pretty goddamned tasty product, if that matters at all in this game.

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Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece and the opinions expressed above are not necessarily the opinions of my colleagues. Neither our agency, or I have any working (or other) relationship with Woolworths or anyone else affiliated to the show Recipe To Riches – I simply like it.