Okay, who’s been watching #recipetoriches? …be honest. We have! We’re watching from the edge of our seats. Who ever thought there would be a reality show on what we do for a living? I mean food branding and packaging on a reality show – what’s not to love!

Yes, it would seem obvious that Woolworths is getting their fair share of this IP pie, but we will leave that little hot potato right there and just start being opinionated on the stuff we do every day – branding and packaging for food.

ROUND 1: Concetta’s Croq’s – what they did wrong and what they did right (imho).

Market research – it’s a necessary evil. In short, it can be described as “The research that takes your hopes and dreams, offers them to a bunch of strangers who hand them back and tell you that they suck.” It can take many forms and commonly when budgets are an issue, it’s done quite informally. But let’s just say that the research done for the brand name “Concetta’s Croq’s” left a giant hole in my compassion for their process. 

A series of strangers on a street were stopped and asked (by Concetta) if they thought croquette was a food or a sport? The words “food” and “sport” were each written on separate ping-pong like paddles. Contextually, there was a visual sporting cue, but no visual food cue. The result was in favour of food, but only by 60/40 ish. This was enough for the marketers behind the research to say that the Australian public didn’t know that a croquette was food. Ummm, not feeling buoyed as a nation by their interpretation of those results, are you?

So, to allay any fears of the public thinking that the package they’ve just picked up from the Woolworths freezer with a picture of some delicious food on it was indeed a sport, team branding decided to call the product “Concetta’s Croqs” instead of the seriously misleading Concetta’s Croquettes. I mean, some ping-pong paddled research absent of all visual and contextual cues on that one would certainly have yielded “Croqs” = Food, right? “Animal” or “Shoe” would have lost hands down, surely!

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here? 

Anyway, whatever. Concetta’s Croqs it is and the packaging is gorgeous! Best of all is the food shot on the front – I want to reach out and eat it. Food photography test passed. Brand – cute and very retail, love the drawing of Concetta on the moped. Pack colour? Great. Green conjures fresh – a must in the processed, frozen food section.

Concetta's Crocs

TASTE TEST – we’re putting our digestive tracts on the line here for you people! We’re tasting every single one of these #recipestoriches wins. You’re welcome. And this one passes. There’s a bite to the rice and a creaminess to the cheese. They hold their shape well. The bacon is pretty processed tasting, but it’s hard to expect much more in this category at that price point.

s Croqs Taste Test


disclaimer – this is an opinion piece. my opinion is subjective and not necessarily the opinion of the entire red candy team. they might think croqs are shoes or something, who knows? ….pffft.