I love chilli! Who doesn’t? It’s the gods’ gift to our palates, plates and digestive tracts. Can it be improved? Of course not, but enhanced? Well yea! Smoke them babies and crush ’em into a sauce.

Am I painting the picture that I just might like this product? Amen sista/brotha (delete inappropriate pro-noun as required).

Hickory Hollow Display
(That’s the front of my shopping trolly by the way. Taking a phone snap of the product display was awkward and a little uncool, so I slipped the mobile up for 5 seconds and just kept on rolling!)

#Recipetoriches (The Woolworths Experiment) took three unwitting recipe hopefuls and marched them through the show’s (by now) well-worn path through batch up, creative (branding and package design), market research and finally their launch.

This week my opinionated entry will by-pass this process and move straight onto the winning product:

Hickory Hollow - feature

What an honest and connected name – Hickory Hollow. I see smokey timbers in a country town (slash) hollow, lovingly coddled chillis plumping with warmth while wise old men crush and bottle as they have done since the beginning of bottled time.

The logo represents this quite well. The font is chunky and character driven. Is the shadow effect contemporary enough for it to last? I don’t know, but that’s a simple tweak if he wins. #crossesfingers

Flavour profile:
I have heard others say it’s not an “on its own” sauce. I’d have to disagree. In as much as a condiment is ever an “on its own” product, this one does all things a good chilli sauce should do. It is warming, salty, adds a layer of flavour that your original dish doesn’t currently have, elicits the mucous membrane response (you need to blow your nose) and the more you have, the more you want.

But such opinions are very subjective, so the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. I hope it’s still on shelf by the time you read this.

Packaging design:
Well, it’s red and yellow and that can be a good thing in this category. The red is an obvious choice and the yellow is a classic combo for chilli sauce – think Tabasco’s Habanero sku. The messages are clear and I am draw to read them in the correct order. Again, the fonts are character driven and the colours work. Nice one team!

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Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece and the opinions expressed above are not necessarily the opinions of my colleagues. Neither our agency, or I have any working (or other) relationship with Woolworths or anyone else affiliated to the show Recipe To Riches – I simply like it.