The food hipster dollar is mighty lucrative for foodservice!

I mean we’re talking about a consumer group that to a considerable degree, socially defines themselves by the types of food and ingredients they eat…and of course, the more public the consumption of these foods (or the prettier they look on instagram), the better! So maybe it’s your turn to ramp the ‘cool’ ingredients on your menu and catch yourself a hipster or two, or at least a few more adventurous diners.

For the record, we’re calling Quinoa passe- after all it has just been pitched as a baby food product on Recipe To Riches, which says it all about Quinoa’s trend status! 

Here are your three essential ingredients:

1. Kale


Image: Weheartit

There are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to kale. Here’s our favourite.

How to add it to the menu?

Start small by;

Throwing baby kale leaves in your mixed leaf salad

Topping pizzas with kale instead of baby spinach

Or go for broke and do a special on roasted kale chips and beer-combos. Mmmm crispy greens and beer.


2. Cauliflower

Three ways to attract a food hipster

Image: Pinterest

Yep, Cauliflower, of all things is hip again, and when you think about it, it makes sense- it is low calorie, earthy in flavour, versatile, cheap and high in nutrients. Again, here’s a pinterest board to get you started.

How to add it to the menu?

Start small with;

A roasted cauliflower salad (throw in some dates, cranberries and middle-eastern flavours)

Cauliflower (and sauteed kale, if you dare) mash, instead of regular ol’ potato

Or really experiment with the modern incarnations of cauliflower such cauliflower pizza bases, and the more amusing to the carnivorous of us, cauliflower ‘steaks’.

caulisteak Behold, the ‘caulisteak

3. Popsicles

Looking for a cheap, cheerful and easy to glam up dessert o’clock….well jump onto ebay quick smart and buy icy pop molds in bulk before they hit the Australian mainstream!

Avocado Popsicle

Image: Cooking Stoned

Here are a few flavour to think about:

Starting out: Mango-yoghurt, rhubarb-yoghurt (yes, yoghurt is back too!)

Dabbling in flavour: Key lime, pina colada, coconut chai and fruity concoctions with edible flowers

Going flavour craaazy: Avocado and coconut with lime (above) or celery, basil & salt.

Like all trendy things, this post will be out of date in a mtter of weeks, so until the next trend installment, happy cooking with kale, cauliflower and going a wee bit pop-crazy!