Time for a little show and tell of our latest work, and this time it’s a website.

Well actually it is a website, photography and copywriting, all whipped up in no time by the Red Candy team.

John Dee, one of Australia’s oldest beef brands based in Warwick, QLD approached us with a very old, tired website that simply didn’t do their amazing beef and generations of expertise in the industry justice.

So they asked for a bit of the Red Candy treatment:

1. Design and build a website that is clean, modern and can have pages seamlessly added on at a later point in time.

2. Ensure the website is targeted at John Dee’s international customers (distributors), not so much domestic or international end-consumers (diners).

3. Ensure the call to action is to get in touch with one of the John Dee team members.

4. Give the brand a bit of personality through imagery and copy.

So here’s where we started…

Old siteand…

Old site 2

Here’s us along the way…taking pics of their amazing beef!

In progress photography

And here’s the finished result: Click to view the whole website here!

Home page with scrolling image:

New site 

Home page with scrolling image:


New site 2

Products page:

New site 3

Contact page:

New site 4

What did we do to fit the brief?

Copy: Through strong headlines and subtle tweaks to copy (adding in ‘we’ ‘us’ and ‘our’), we adopted emotive positioning for the brand, drawing an emotional connection to family, generational expertise, tradition and a sense of Australia. The tagline “a heritage of fine beef” delivers to this nicely.

Imagery: The international customers’ eye for what is real and what is fake is becoming increasingly fine tuned when it comes to beef. We shot a range of cuts from the John Dee product range in a natural, bright light and allowed the product, as is to shine- no messy props, no editing of marbling, nothing. Just the pure, honest product.

Design: While not evident on the old website, John Dee have used blue significantly throughout their brand touch points, so we maintained this colour cue and modernized it. We created a range of graphic elements to be continued throughout other brand collateral including a logo watermark, ribbon element, yellow lines, a watermark badge and an entirely new secondary colour palette- a lot of new design for a relatively small website.

Are you on the hunt for someone to whip your tired old website into shape and completely transform your online presence?

Red Candy can certainly assist- we design and build websites of all sizes – from tiny little 2 page sites through to big dynamic 50 page sites. Give us a buzz to get started on (07) 3122 0950 or email info@redcandy.com.au