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Chances are, if you sell food products to trade, you’ll be very familiar with the good old trade presenter. This is one communications device that has been around for as long as B2B selling has existed. In fact, it has so stood the test of time, that we’re going to call it a classic!

In this blog post, we’re going to show you:

  1. Why it’s still an essential selling tool
  2. What to include
  3. What not to include
  4. How to breathe new life into it
  5. And how to make it work for you

– The whole point of a trade presenter is to “authentically compel your customer to buy your product.” We live in a time where they are bombarded with information and selling messages, so your customer can immediately cut through BS and note who is being authentic and who isn’t. Your trade presenter is the best, most succinct place for you to present your product in all its authentic glory.

How do you do that? – Engage your customer on ways your product will help them – its user benefits. The classic (but never to be overlooked) “what’s in it for them?” It’s all well and good to say that because of its special formula, your cream whips quickly (its product benefit), but how does that improve your reader’s world? Try leading with the user benefit instead “Reduced whipping means you save valuable prep time!”

Specs and buying information like sku numbers are essential. Including these in a succinct and easy-to-read way means your customer can keep the trade presenter on hand to make a phone or online order – extending the purpose and life of this vital comms piece.

Keep them interested – Don’t fill your trade presenter with too much copy. Engage your audience with breathtaking, cut-through imagery and keep your copy to bite-size pieces.

Don’t clutter one trade presenter with your whole product list, that’s what a product brochure is for. Create a series of trade presenters for each product that can be used to spike interest in one product at a time. This is a great way to measure your successes too.

Mix it up – A traditional trade presenter is a double-sided A4, and these still work a treat. They’re cost effective when printed en masse, but if you’re looking for something different, why not try:

Square cut 4 pages folded / Post card / App / Swing tag / Product shaped cutout / Stylish box with cards of information inside / Tote bag with print on both sides…ahh, the list is endless!

Get it to them – now you have some brilliant trade presenters, make sure they get out there. Build excitement with your sales team. These trade presenters hold information and ideas that your customers actually WANT to see. Think of unique ways of getting the presenters to the customers, don’t just use one pathway.

Cross promote / Trade shows / Downloadable pdf from your website / Direct mail (with a sample if you can) / Sales team face to face.

Bonus – Add a recipe and a food shot! There’s nothing like amazing, mouth-wateringly delicious food shots to get your customers drooling and inspired to make something even better! We work in the food industry; we have an unfair advantage over other trades – let’s take advantage of it.

Now you’re armed and ready to create, we’d love to help you! We can help with the whole shebang – copy writing, graphic design, recipe development, photography, print and post.

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