Black Market is pure MB5+ Black Angus beef raised in Australia’s New England tablelands, brought to you by Rangers Valley. An elusive, highly marbled product demanded by those who reject mediocrity.

Project Brief

Create a name, brand, brand story and accompanying marketing collateral to position Black Market as the elusive and sporadic, highly sought after beef of choice for 5 star chefs worldwide.

What we did: Branding, Graphic Design, Recipe Development, Food Styling, Food Photography, Packaging Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Social Media Management

Name & Brand

Sacred and iconic sums up the highest marble score pure Black Market Black Angus beef by Rangers Valley. The clean, bold logo provides strength and attitude to supporting brand elements.

Black Market logo - Red Candy Creative Portfolio


Dancing around themes of religion and underground trading, this illustration for Black Market beef is designed to resonate with the anti-mainstream and artistic nature that passionate chefs are renowned for.
Black Market illustration - Red Candy Creative Portfolio


Black Market beef commanded a black market-inspired carton. With layered meaning in brand creative and an abundance of black and grey, we created a carton and cryovac bag that draws admiring gasps from the finest kitchens of the world.
Black Market packaging - Red Candy Creative Portfolio

Food Styling & Photography

Setting the international benchmark for pure Black Angus beef, these images inspire the finest of chefs in cutting edge restaurants. Highly technical chef recipes with unique ingredients were developed and accompanied by custom made props, finessed plating and moody photography.
Black Market gallery - Red Candy Creative Portfolio
Black Market gallery - Red Candy Creative Portfolio
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