Black Onyx is pure MB3+ Black Angus beef raised in Australia’s New England tablelands, brought to you by Rangers Valley. It’s THE beef used in commercial kitchens across the world.

Project Brief

Create a name, brand, brand story and all accompanying marketing collateral including web, social media and launch materials to position Black Onyx as the superior beef of choice for chefs worldwide.

What we did: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Recipe Development, Food Styling, Food Photography, Packaging Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Social Media Management

Name & Brand

With an ever-increasing global demand for high end Australian beef, Rangers Valley needed a brand to stand out from the crowd and truly make a mark on the industry.

Authentic, playful, creative and upbeat with a gritty-realism, Black Onyx was born, and it’s everything we ever wanted it to be.

Black Onyx by Rangers Valley Brand


We created a custom illustration of a super good looking pure Angus steer that we nicknamed Rolley. He became the pinup boy for the brand.
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley


Black Onyx has set the standard in branded beef across the globe and the packaging is no exception.

We kept the edgy brand story going until the last moment with the iconic yellow splash and hand drawn steer appearing on the cryovac bag and carton.

Black Onyx by Rangers Valley


This responsive website is designed to be instantly recognisable with Rolley and the iconic yellow splash taking centre stage.

It tells the Black Onyx story, reinforcing why this brand deserves the notoriety and love it’s adorned with by chefs and foodies alike.

Black Onyx by Rangers Valley
The international launch of Black Onyx required unique promotional materials that signified recipients were part of an elite club. Cue etched bamboo covers, bamboo pens, aprons and and custom designed recipe card folder and specifications booklet.
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley

Food Styling & Photography

Warm, natural, textured marble with soft tones and relaxed, product driven styling designed to capture the attention of chefs around the world.
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley
Black Onyx by Rangers Valley
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