Dr Oetker Queen Australia is the leading Vanilla and baking ingredients brand in Australia. From home bakers to professionals, Queen is renowned for its exceptional quality, making sweet creations even more delicious.

Project Brief

Create a suite of materials including food styling, photography, print advertisements, mouth-watering cookbooks, tutorial videos and branded animated gifs for social media.

What we did: Food Styling, Food Photography, Video, Advertisement Creation, Cookbook Creation, Animated Gifs

Double Page Advertisement

Briefed with the job of creating an educational vanilla advertisement for Coles Magazine, we conceptualised an overhead image with each sweet creation representing a different product from the Queen range. We then set about styling and creating the image, designing the layout and facilitating the upload to Coles. A full service from start to finish.

Product Photography

Our goal: To elevate standard product photography to something beautiful and inspirational that aligns perfectly with the brand promise. Each Queen product was styled and shot slightly differently depending on the positioning and price point of the sku. Subtle visual cues for usage and application were also incorporated into each shot.


If content is king, then video owns the throne. Particularly when it comes to baking and showcasing products, usages, and inspiring home bakers with special occasion and everyday baking. Our tutorial series shows how to create stunning and simple recipes, step by step, with easy to follow visuals and text overlay. These were all featured on their website, YouTube Channel and social media platforms.

Animated Gifs

Branded Animated Gifs are the new darling of branded creative communications. We created a series of five animated gifs for Queen, each in line and dovetailing into their larger marketing strategy. The result is branded customer content that they use in a way they love, further connecting them to the brand.

120th Anniversary Cookbook

Stunning photography with easy to follow instructions, the 120th Anniversary Cookbook is full of useful information along with a recipe collection designed to create family memories. We designed an elegant cookbook with the use of soft gold and a balance of serif and sans serif fonts to ensure the delicious images took centre stage.

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