NCMC Foods is one of Australia’s largest veal and beef businesses, based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Internationally renowned in supermarkets, premium butchers and restaurants around the World.

Project Brief

Revitalise the Fairlight Beef & Veal brand, ensuring a transfer of visual equity for this iconic brand. The style: contemporary, refined, elegant and sophisticated. A true representation of luxury and connection to the source.

What we did: Branding, Graphic Design, Food Styling, Food Photography, Cinematic Video, Packaging Design, Copywriting.

Cinematic Video

Up close and personal, capturing the inner workings of the chef, this video takes the viewer on an intimate journey as a premium Fairlight dish is created. From sharpening his knife and carving the meat, to the magnificent plating, through to the presentation at the restaurant table, this film creates a sense of ‘being there’.


A streamlined brand refresh that brings a modern edge. It’s refined and elegant while retaining maximum brand equity. It positions the Fairlight brand firmly in the minds of butchers and chefs as a premium quality product that won’t disappoint.

Food Styling & Photography

We chose dark timber, and deep charcoal backgrounds with moody lighting, and vibrant but delicate restaurant styled dishes to illustrate the product. Chefs hands were captured working with the raw veal and cooking the dishes.


Fairlight is marketed to gourmet butchers and fine dining restaurants in Australia and around the World. It’s renowned for the finest meat that is light pink, smooth in consistency, fine in texture and delicate in flavour.

The packaging reflects that superior quality with a black & gold, and black & red colour palette. The design references the bends and curves of the three rivers in the Northern Rivers Region with understated sophistication.

Website Design & Development

The new Fairlight Beef & Veal website tells the brand story through imagery and copy and provides a platform for inspiration for chefs and butchers around the world. It’s a delight for the senses with a sprinkling of education about the product. With a focus on provenance and luxury, the spectacular hero video and mouthwatering photography lead with tonnes of visual messaging.

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