Owned by Goodman Fielder Food Service, Praise is a household name and one of Australia’s most well known creamy and flavoured mayonnaise and deli style dressing brands.

Project Brief

Develop a range of recipes along with visually stunning food photography to support the launch of new Praise flavour skus for event and occasion marketing.

What we did: Recipe Development, Food Styling, Food Photography


Mouth-watering, enticing and inspirational recipes that home cooks would be proud to serve their family and friends.

From deliciously spicy and charred prawns drizzled in Praise Aioli to a juicy burger dripping in Praise Caramelised Onion Mayonnaise, we focussed on maximum appetite appeal.

PRAISE - Red Candy Work Portfolio

Food Styling & Photography

Clean, minimal propping with deeply textured and toned wood formed the background for this shoot. Capturing delicious drips and dollops was key to ensure the visual appeal of the dishes, the products were hero and the imagery mouth-watering.
PRAISE - Red Candy Work Portfolio
PRAISE - Red Candy Work Portfolio
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