Prime Cut Meats is one of Australia’s largest gourmet wholesale butchers. Their customer focussed approach sees them sourcing and delivering the best brands to quality restaurants and the public.

Project Brief

Create an entirely new look and feel to match their premium products and service, including a logo refresh, visual and written identity, print and web design. The style: uber contemporary balanced with equal parts sophistication and edginess.

What we did: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Food Styling, Food Photography, Illustration, Copywriting.


We created custom illustrations that became interactive cuts charts on the website. Users hover over the animal and click through each cut to discover information and cook methods.

Primary cow parts and how to cut them

Food Styling & Photography

We sourced an old butcher shop for the location. Our aim was to capture maximum creative texture while communicating knowledge, experience and respect for the product.

Different pig preparations - Prime Cuts Meats
Man carrying Prime Cuts Meats - Red Candy
Prime meat cut by chef
Prime Cuts Meats photography - Red Candy
Priming beef parts for cut - Red Candy
Chicken with herbs - Red Candy
Pork Ribs Cut - Prime Cuts Meats

Behind the scenes

Take a sneak peak on set behind the scenes at our photoshoot for Prime Cut Meats.


This responsive website is designed to be instantly visually engaging and tell the Prime Cut Meats story.

Butchers, like celebrity chefs, are gaining momentum and fast hitting rock star status in the food world. We capitalised on this phenomenon, while still ensuring the communications were grounded and humble with a connection to the provenance of the products.

Prime Cut Meats Website

Social Media

We created a social action plan for Facebook and Instagram including growth strategies and content creation.

Prime Cut Meats Social Media

Social Content

Using our little sister company, Insta.kits, we created cost effective, authentic and social ready images for posting across the Prime Cut Meats social platforms.

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