NCMC Foods is one of Australia’s largest veal and beef businesses, based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Internationally renowned in supermarkets, premium butchers and restaurants around the World.

Project Brief

Richmond Valley Veal is a consumer facing brand found in major Australian retailers. Veal is a misunderstood protein. There is confusion as to what it is and nervousness around how to cook it. We conceived a brand to engage consumers, creating a relatable, yet distinguishable brand whilst providing education and inspiration to increase the comfortability factor at the meat cabinet.

What we did: Branding, Packaging Design, Website Design & Development, Food Styling, Food Photography, Social Media Management & Content Creation, Google Display Ad Campaign, Influencer Campaign.


With the veal category relying heavily on point of sale for communications, we injected warmth, colour and intensity to draw maximum attention. A food shot dominates each pack to inspire pick up appeal. With the recipe available online and a free cookbook download top funnel offer, the packaging was designed to drive further digital engagement and database capture.

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography & Video

With many Australian consumer not knowing how to cook veal, we needed to provide the knowledge, access and ideas. We created a library of delicious, easy and inspirational recipes, images and video to educate, excite and provide the skills and confidence to use veal successfully.

Website Design & Development

It was important that this website be simple, easy to navigate and understand. We wrapped the provenance and farmer story of the Norther Rivers region around a site packed with recipes and ideas and nutritional education for the curious grocery buyer.

Cookbook Design

A digital download cookbook formed a top funnel offer, driving consumers from packaging to website to download, pausing to engage with the brand and join the database for future marketing potential.

Digital Campaigns

Dovetailing a Google Display Advertising campaign with an influencer campaign ensured the brand was visible beyond the supermarket shelf. We engaged niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive the brand’s message beyond the brand’s own reach.

Social Media

The social media for Richmond Valley Veal has only just begun. We’ve created a messaging, digital and content strategy that’s forming the blueprint for bringing the brand to life. We’ve developed communication objectives and content strategies by channel, along with the day to day posting and management.

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