NCMC Foods is one of Australia’s largest veal and beef businesses, based in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW. With beef and veal brands including Fairlight, Richmond Valley Veal, Queens Veal and Three River Farms, NCMC’s products are found in major supermarkets, independent butchers and restaurants around the World.

Project Brief

NCMC Foods partnered with Red Candy to undertake a brand strategy, packaging and communications project for their Australian retail brands, Three River Farms and Richmond Valley Veal (more on the latter project soon).

What we did: Packaging Design, Website Design & Development, Food Styling, Food Photography, Social Media Management & Content Creation, Google Display Ad Campaign, Influencer Campaign.


We were challenged to attract shopper attention in a homogenous product environment. Meat cabinets are recessed and product lays flat on the shelves. Product visibility is of primary importance to the shopper experience, so we worked with minimal real estate to revitalise the brand into the champion of a lagging category – fresh, natural, local and approachable.

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography & Video

The content for this product was a joy to create. Working with light, tender and delicious products we set to develop approachable and enticing recipes that transcended the usual Veal Schnitzel, and placed veal squarely in the space of contemporary food trends. We devised a photography style reflective of the river and the packaging cues – crisp white, soft blues and bright, elegant food.

Website Design & Development

Starting with a blank canvas, we designed a mobile optimised WordPress site. The resulting product and recipe driven design provides consumers with simple, key information at a glance. Veal is a misunderstood protein source that requires education to remove the unknown factor. We made veal approachable, delicious, family friendly and inspirational.

Three River Farms Website

Cookbook Design

Aptly titled “Our Kitchen, A Celebration of Veal”, the cookbook formed a top funnel offer, driving consumers from packaging to website to download, pausing to engage with the brand and join the database for future marketing potential.

Digital Campaigns

To increase our reach and broaden our audience, we chose Google Display Advertising and Instagram Influencer Campaigns as the core of the digital strategy. Visibility, education and exposure were required to increase brand and category awareness.

Social Media

The social media Three River Farms is in its infancy. At its backbone, we’ve created a messaging, digital and content strategy that’s forming the blueprint for bringing the brand to life. We’ve developed communication objectives and content strategies by channel, along with the day to day posting and management.

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